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Best garage door repair in San Jose, CA

AER’s garage door repair services are the best in San Jose, CA. We are at your service 24×7 and we give you instant garage door repair services with our various services and facilities mentioned below for you to check out.

Services offered are at an affordable price and our professional technicians provide certified work and make your  garage doors as good as new.

Garage door maintenance - san jose
Garage Door Repair san jose, CA

New Installations

We have been associated with all major gate brands and our technicians are well certified and trained to install all types of gates.

San Jose is the home of innovation and we bring the best innovative solutions to the garage door problems you might have and along with it we also provide new amazing garage door installations at the earliest as we are available 24×7.

Spring replacements

We offers emergency and prompt spring replacement service 24×7 at a very reasonable cost. We use quality products and parts for the service which gives the door a long life and sense of satisfaction to our customers.

In San Jose AER garage door repair services are known for its availability at all times and its cheap and affordable prices for their services.

fix garage door opener san jose

Fixing or replacing garage door openers

We only use the best quality garage door opener which is compliant to government standards, so that customers don’t have to face problems every now and then.

Call us now to get your doors fixed by our experts and no matter the time our 24×7 services in San Jose will help you get your doors installed and fixed in no time. Check out our services for fixing garage doors by calling us now.

Emergency garage door repair services

We know the need of the time, and know how stressful it gets when the door is not working and the mind is distressed what if theft occurs. Our trained technicians will check and inspect the whole components of your garage door and provide you the best possible solution in no time.

And since emergenices can happen at anytime, we are happy to inform you that AER’s garage door repair services in San Jose are on 24×7 and we are just one call away to helping you fix your garage door problems at affordable prices. So call us now!

Garage door maintenance

We do oil and greasing of the required components in order to make it suitable for smooth working. This service requires a lot of professionalism and knowledge of technical know-how, and we AER garage door repair are best at this in San Jose, CA.

Maintenance is a crucial part of garage doors and if not done right may result in major problems.

Luckily, we take it very seriously and you can book a maintenance check with us by clicking the call button ASAP!

Garage door repair - maintenance
best garage door repair garage door openers san jose

Remote programming & Off - Track repairs

We at AER with the help of our trained technician provide you emergency off-track repair service 24×7 at reasonable cost.

Tell us your problem and the solution will be prompt. AER garage repairs are industry recognized and our professionals will help you get your garage doors problem sorted as easily as you clicking a button to open the door of your garage.

So what you waiting for call us and get your problems sorted now!

Why to choose AER garage door repair in San Jose, CA ?

  • We have a team of skilled factory-certified technicians who are able to diagnose the real problem in your garage door and will suggest the best possible solution at a very nominal price.


  • We have been associated with all major gate manufacturers and provide the widest range of custom-designed and readymade gates.


  • We only use quality products and parts for servicing to ensure the seamless working of garage doors.


  • We are available 24×7 to give you the best & prompt service in San Jose, CA, and Los Angeles County at an affordable price.


  • We provide our professional garage doors services in Calabasas CA, Simi Valley CA, Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Santa Monica CA, and Bel Air CA of Los Angeles county.


  • Provides yearly maintenance service for better performance of garage doors at a discounted price.


  • Timely discounted coupons are issued to customers to get the best out of our services.


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