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New Installation

If you are looking for new garage door installation services in Calabasas CA, Simi Valley CA, Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Santa Monica CA and Bel Air CA of Los Angeles county, then you have arrived at the right place. We at AER have the team of well trained technicians which will guide you through the whole process of installation which includes site analysis, door selection, preparation of door and installation of door. Today the garage door has become the status symbol and we provide the widest range of garage doors like Roll-up gates, Iron gates, Wooden gates etc. which are suitable for commercial and residential properties. We offer custom and ready-made gates as per your budget which are appealing and sturdy enough to give you high security against any theft. We also provide different types of gates like sliding gates and swinging gates. We have been associated with all major gate brands and our technicians are well certified and trained to install all types of gates.

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Spring Replacement

Spring is one of the essential parts of garage doors. It helps in opening the door swiftly, so that you can open it with less effort. There are multiple springs attached to your door and normally these springs last upto 6000 cycles, after that it is advisable to replace it for proper functioning of the door. You can face uneven door opening or the door won’t open above a few inches, then there must be a problem in your door spring. AER garage door repair in Encino, CA offers emergency and prompt spring replacement service 24x7 at a very reasonable cost. We use quality products and parts for the service which gives the door a long life and sense of satisfaction to our customers.

For spring replacement call us on (866) 938-3290

Cable Replacements

In order to work the garage door seamlessly all components including door cable should work properly. Cable is also an integral part of garage doors which is used to keep the door safely hanging while opening and closing. If the garage door is stucking while operating or if the door bangs while closing instead of smooth and quiet closing then it must be due to faulty cable. In that case, the door check-up needs to be done by the expert to determine whether the cable needs a simple alteration or a replacement. We at AER provide you with the best garage door repair service in Calabasas CA, Simi Valley CA, Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Santa Monica CA and Bel Air CA of Los Angeles county. We offer you the best cable replacement service at an affordable price with full safety and reliability with the help of our trained technicians.

Fixing or replacing garage door openers

Door opener is a machine which is used to operate the garage door. Sometimes this machine can break down due to various faults occurring in the remote, wall button belt, motor or sound problem. To diagnose the real fault the expert guidance is needed which will suggest whether door opener is repairable or replacement has to be done. AER garage door repair in Encino, CA is specialized in furnishing the complete solution of the garage door repair at a very reasonable price structure. We only use the best quality garage door opener which is compliant to government standards, so that customers don't have to face problems every now and then. Our aim is customer satisfaction and we are working rigorously on that.

Garage door Maintenance service

AER offers the best garage door maintenance service in Encino, CA at a very nominal price. The main aim of this service is to provide security from theft, prevent undue accidents, saving money and increasing the life of garage doors. Under this service our trained technician inspect each and every component of your garage door system like cables, springs, door openers, bearings, hinges, pulleys, rollers etc to make sure that they are working properly or not, if there is any need of change or can be tuned-up with small adjustments. We do oil and greasing of the required components in order to make it suitable for smooth working. This service requires a lot of professionalism and knowledge of technical know-how, and we AER garage door repair are best at this.

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Emergency garage door service

AER garage door repair provides 24x7 very prompt and fast emergency garage door service. We know the need of the time, and know how stressful it gets when the door is not working and the mind is distressed what if theft occurs. Our trained technicians will check and inspect the whole components of your garage door and provide you the best possible solution in no time at a very affordable price. We strive to give you the best service so that you don’t get into trouble again in near future. We also suggest to our customers to get enrolled to our yearly maintenance service, so that you don't get into this emergency trouble because timely garage door checkup and service will keep it working smooth and if there is any fault that can be resolved at the same time, so that you don’t face any big problem which shell out huge money from your pocket for multiple components breakdown which every time occurs during emergency situation.

Remote Programming

If you are facing any problem related to your garage door remote then you can call us any time to get your garage door remote serviced or replaced. We will solve this fault in no time and help you out of this problem.

Off -Track Repair

In order to open and close the garage door swiftly, sliding tracks are used which sometimes come off track and their alignment can go wrong due to many reasons like junk over the slides, lubrication problem or any technical issue. This results in difficulty in operating the garage door and can damage the whole garage door system. In that case you need an urgent garage door off track repair service from the expert. We at AER with the help of our trained technician provide you emergency off-track repair service 24x7 at reasonable cost.

Why to choose AER garage door repair in Encino, CA ?

  • We have the team of skilled factory certified technicians who are able to diagnose the real problem in your garage door and will suggest the best possible solution at a very nominal price.
  • We have been associated with all major gate manufacturers and provide the widest range of custom designed and readymade gates.
  • We only use quality products and parts for servicing to ensure seamless working of garage doors.
  • We are available 24x7 to give you the best & prompt service in Encino, CA and Los Angeles county at an affordable price.
  • We provide our professional garage doors services in Calabasas CA, Simi Valley CA, Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Santa Monica CA and Bel Air CA of Los Angeles county.
  • Provides yearly maintenance service for better performance of garage doors at discounted price.
  • Timely discounted coupons are issued to customers to get best out of our services.